Annual Report and Accounts FY 2019-2020

Women on Wings is proud to present its Annual Report and Accounts FY2019-2020. The report not only highlights results, impact and learnings of the work done in India, it also gives a voice to those who benefit from the Women on Wings approach; rural women and social entrepreneurs in India. Dutch experts explain what they gain in return from sharing their knowledge with the Women on Wings partners in India.

Contributing to one million jobs
Women on Wings’ mission is to take rural families out of poverty through economic development for women in rural India. In FY 2019-2020 a network of 49 volunteer experts contributed a total of 390 working days on realizing this mission. Says Shilpa Mittal Singh, joint Managing Director at Women on Wings: “Without our experts’ investment in time and talent and the support of our funding partners we would not be able to achieve our goal. And thanks to the launch of our online community platform last February we are yet another step closer to our ever challenging goal. The platform could not have been launched at a better time.”

Connecting stakeholders
The Women on Wings community platform focuses on job creation for women in rural India and aims to become a community where like-minded partners can benefit from one other, even more so in this COVID-19 era. Adds Ronald van het Hof, joint Managing Director at Women on Wings: “COVID-19 obviously impacts all but especially our partners who provide income to rural women, like artisans and farmers. The platform is designed to connect our partners with multiple stakeholders to support them in their growth. At the end of the financial year, the platform had welcomed already 141 members. It is great to witness so many members believe in our approach and want to contribute to our mission.”

Results in Annual Report & Accounts FY 2019-2020
Women on Wings works with social enterprises in India on accelerating their businesses and thus generate new employment opportunities for women in rural India. Since its inception in 2007 till March 2020, a total of 284,800 jobs for women in rural India have been co-created with 39 partners in India. More about the Women on Wings approach and its other results can be found in the audited Annual Report & Accounts FY 2019-2020, see below.

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Picture: Rangsutra’s artisans by IKEA