Covid-19: stand strong, stay safe, stay healthy

Covid-19 has brought the world to an almost standstill and has caused many casualties already. Reason for us all to listen to the scientists and specialists and follow their advice.

At Women on Wings we have cancelled all workshops with our partners in India. Our experts are not able to travel to India till at least mid-April. Of course, we continue our online / video support wherever possible.

It will hurt businesses as people will refrain from public gatherings like exhibitions, but fighting this pandemic is for the greater good. But we guarantee you that our team, our experts and our support will be yours once these days are behind us, to help you and your team get back to all goals you set. You can count on us!

The investment and opportunity cost of slowing down will impact all our projections and forecasts, but it is at these times when we think of not what we do but all those we do it for, our partners, our team and our loved ones. And last but not least: the last mile beneficiaries – families in rural India.

Use our recently launched platform ( to reach out to us, your peers in the business and other valuable stakeholders. We can support each other and deal with this challenging period. Our ancestors have shown the ability to adapt to situations under severe circumstances. It brings out creativity and we trust that many new ideas will bring opportunities.

We wish all of you, your teams and your loved ones to stand strong and follow the advice of those who are specialists in the field. The more disciplined we stay by refraining from public gatherings, the more we will be able to fight this pandemic and get back to the lives we love.

From all of us at Women on Wings: stay safe and healthy!