Rassaa Creations and Innovations new Women on Wings social enterprise partner

Rassaa Creations and Innovations is not on one mission, but on two, and Women on Wings will support the social enterprise in realizing both missions. Mission one is to empower women from marginalized communities to determine their own futures and protect their forests. Second mission is to create unique, innovative, eco-friendly products that sustainably build livelihoods.

Leaf plates for conscious customers
Starting January 2020, Rassaa Creations and Innovations Private Limited (Rassaa) and Women on Wings are collaborating to increase the number of jobs and co-create livelihood opportunities for women in rural India where Rassaa is working. Rassaa produces and markets ethical, eco-friendly products such as Siali leaf plates, hand made by tribal women, for the environmentally conscious customer.

Leverage USP
Recently, Rassaa and Women on Wings worked on the enterprise its strategy and business plan. Sagar Chanana, co-founder at Rassaa: “We worked according to the why, how, what principles of Simon Sinek. That was very inspiring and helped a lot. We have a very clear why, which is protecting the forest, and by working from that given, the how and what were also quite easily determined. Rassaa has a unique selling point and we should leverage that in everything that we do and communicate.”

Co-creating with tribal women
Just like Women on Wings, Rassaa which operates its business from Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, believes in co-creation and has some of United Nations’ sustainable development goals in its DNA. ‘Tied together’ is the enterprise its adagio, meaning that ‘we need to collaborate since jointly we create a larger impact than all of us on our own’. Currently, 292 tribal women are engaged with the social enterprise that empowers the women by growing their skills, paying a fair income and improving their livelihood without sacrificing beliefs, culture, and way of life.

Picture: Sagar Chanana and some of the tribal women engaged with Rassaa