Welcoming Manjari Foundation as new Women on Wings partner

The Manjari Foundation believes women are powers of change and therefor invest in empowering them so more women can lead families and communities to a better future. Women on Wings is pleased to welcome the social organization as its latest business partner and worked with Manjari’s team on its overall strategy and financials in specific on December 10-11, 2019 in Dholpur, Uttar Pradesh.

Importance of cost and pricing
Fourteen participants joined the Women on Wings team. Finance expert at Women on Wings Gwen Windhorst familiarized them with the concept of cost and pricing strategies in industries related such as dairy and spices with significant market power (SMP). Also, they worked on understanding the process of the management control system related to pricing and costing, acquired familiarity with the essential concepts of cost accounting and analyzed the behavior, strategy and goals of companies in a competitive environment. Says Gwen Windhorst: “It was great to work with the eager to learn team. We provided assignments that will support the theoretical analysis and enhance the intuition and conception of participants on cost and pricing issues and at the end of the workshop we provided them with the necessary tools so that they will be able to apply them in practice.”

Manjari Foundation
Established in 2015, the Manjari Foundation (Manjari) has realized a lot since then. Its executive director, Sanjay K. Sharma, leads the foundation with an entrepreneurial mind and believes in long-term engagements to see sustained changes in the eco-system. Manjari currently works in six districts in Rajasthan and one in Uttarakhand. It has a holistic approach, working with local communities not only on income generating programs, but also on awareness programs on issues such as health & hygiene, environment, advocacy, rights and gender. Manjari strongly believes local communities should be in the driver’s seat, set the agenda for change and take the lead.

Focus on village women
With a strong focus on women, Manjari supports and strengthens women Self Help Groups (SHGs). It now reaches out to 5,910 SHGs, mobilizing almost 80,000 women in 794 villages. The SHGs earn income from activities such as stitching, back yard poultry, dairy, candle making, and food and spices processing. Also, the women run small retail outlets in villages where they sell their own produce. Watch Manjari’s corporate movie ‘Seeds of Change‘ to learn more about its beliefs, approach and successes.

Picture: one of Manjari’s community meetings