ProNature’s organic healthy food provides better lives

ProNature Organic Foods believes that organic is how food was always meant to be; honest and pure. The Women on Wings partner is committed to reach organic products to every home that treasures good and healthy living. Since 2006, the social enterprise from Bengaluru has positively impacted livelihoods of hundreds of rural women who actively participate in their supply chain. Further, their back-end operations are almost entirely run by women.

Accelerating businesses
Women on Wings’ aim is to accelerate its partners and bring them to the next step in growth. Recently, Anita Joosten, finance expert at Women on Wings, and Supriya Kapoor, senior business consultant at Women on Wings, worked alongside Varun Gupta, Founder and CEO at ProNature, and his team members Narayan G and Rudra Raizada on streamlining and structuring the various financial processes. The teams jointly identified financial bottlenecks and how these impact the overall results of the social enterprise. Then they looked for areas for improvement, both for the short and longer term, like allocation of budgets, the use of MIS and dashboards, and inventory valuation.

Improving financials to increase impact on women
Says Varun Gupta: “We looked at all our financial processes, like what is there already and how can we use that to be more effective or efficient. Or what would help us understand the figures better. It was so helpful to discuss all our financials with an independent financial expert who has no other interest than support us in growing our company so more rural women can be engaged and earn a good income. Which is of course, our joint goal, next to providing organic and healthy foods to consumers.”

Empowering women thru business consultancy
To empower more rural women of South India while simultaneously providing healthier food options and nurturing the planet ProNature Organic Foods Private Limited and Women on Wings became partners in July 2017. The joint goal is to work on sustainable growth of the social enterprise. If the revenues increase, not only the number of rural women engaged with ProNature will increase, but also their income. ProNature’s all organic products are available at key retail stores, like Reliance Fresh, Metro Cash & Carry, and e-commerce platforms like

Picture: women at ProNature’s processing unit