Boosting sales from Manipur’s fruits and veggies

Women on Wings’ business partner Meira Foods provides women of Manipur the opportunity to manufacture the best homemade food from local fruits and vegetables. Manipur’s overwhelming nature, rich of fruits and vegetables, is the source for Meira Foods’ healthy and tasty products which include jams, chutneys, fruit candies and dried fruits.

Organic by default
Most of Manipur’s fruits and vegetables are grown organically by default. Farmers grow their crops without using chemical pesticides. Instead they use traditional natural fertilizers. Recently Meira Foods added local pineapples to its product range. These pineapples are certified organic and form the source for new sorts of jams, juice, canned sliced fruits and dried fruits which are processed by local women in Meira Foods’ new processing unit.

Pineapples will bring sales volume
Meira Foods’ founder, Ms. Shubra Devi, requested the support of Women on Wings to work with her and her team on its marketing and sales strategy and plan, in which the pineapple products have a leading role. The Women on Wings team comprised Ronald van het Hof, joint managing director, and Supriya Kapoor, senior business consultant, enjoyed the leading fruit themselves. Ronald: “Never ever before have I tasted such sweet and silky pineapples. Supriya and I are convinced that the new pineapple product range will add to increasing Meira Foods’ sales volume.”

(Inter)national buyers and traders
To make the world known about existing and the new pineapple product range, Meira Foods’ and Women on Wings’ teams jointly developed a dedicated marketing plan. It will use its (social) media channels to reach out to national and international buyers and traders. A first international order was shipped in July.