Building Jute Artisans Guild Association

Ambitious to involve as many local women as possible, Anjali Singh, Founder and Director at Jute Artisans Guild Association, eagerly works with Women on Wings to grow her company. Recently two teams visited Lucknow to support Anjali and her team to take the company to its next level.

Crunching numbers
Early July expert Gwen Windhorst worked two days with Jute Artisans Guild Association’s (JAGA) team on understanding its figures and numbers and how Finance is intertwined with Sales. Showing the importance of budgeting and keeping track of sales’ data made Anjali and her team look differently at sales and numbers in general. Next to that, Gwen shared a number of tools that will help JAGA keep accounts and plan sales in a more structured way. Gwen: “It was a great pleasure to work with Anjali and her team. Very impressive to see the impact of JAGA for more than 250 women in Lucknow. After two days of hard working I was fulfilled with feelings and words like proud, grateful, happiness, honesty, openness, quality and good vibe. Thanks a lot for all we realized together.”

Transforming jute
JAGA caters to the markets not only in India but also abroad and it uses all natural and recyclable, ‘golden’ fiber of jute for its products, like a wide variety of bags and stationary. Early July, Women on Wings expert in product development and interior design Marie-Gon worked with Anjali and some of JAGA’s artisans on how jute fibers can be transformed into other products than bags and stationary. The aim is to jointly develop contemporary home and lifestyle products that open the door to new markets.

Changing society
Anjali Singh post the workshops with Women on Wings’ experts: “When you change your thoughts, you can change your world. That is what the Women on Wings experts show us each time we work together. We share best practices, we learn the best examples, we brainstorm, we conclude, we delegate, we accept, we laugh, we motivate, we create memories but all together we do it to co-create impact and bring change in society.”