Improving production flow to create more livelihoods

Kilmora’s aim is to create livelihoods in a profitable environment for farmers. The Women on Wings partner produces jam, chutneys, herbs and spices, along with its knitting and weaving products. Recently a Women on Wings team took the trip to Ramgarh in the lower foothills of the Himalayas to work with the Kilmora team on optimizing its production flow.

Fertile soil in harsh mountain region
The Kumaun region in the Himalayas brings natural resources in abundance. Fruits, spices and herbs find fertile soil whereas people may judge the same area as challenging to live in. Also the effects of climate change are seen in the natural process of growing crops. To make sure all processes at Kilmora stay aligned, Dorien van Doorn, supply chain expert at Women on Wings, did an analysis of the existing processes and shared practical tools to optimize flows and planning. Both on the short term for quick wins, and on the longer term for sustainable process improvements.

Eager management
Expert at Women on Wings Dorien van Doorn: “We worked 2 days in Kilmora’s jam, chutney, herbs and spices production units. Jointly with the Kilmora teams, we looked at all aspects of the units – from procurement from farmers, hygiene, to human resources and, of course, the entire production flow. The units are headed by enthusiastic individuals, however, there are quite a few challenges too. The staff there is eager to improve so as to achieve the aims of the social enterprise. We identified the challenges, and discussed ways to overcome them, and we have been able to create commitment in the rest of the management. I have enjoyed the whole stay.”

Co-creating extra jobs for women
Kilmora is the brand name under which Kumaun Grameen Udyog (KGU) ploughs back all profit into rural development activities in the Kumaon region at the lower foothills of the Himalayas. Through its range of products, KGU strives to give quality and a fair deal to both customers and rural producers; largely female weavers and female farmers. Since December 2017 Women on Wings and KGU collaborate in their joint mission of creating more employment opportunities for women in the Kumaun hills region.