Two days’ CEO Summit for Women on Wings’ partners

Sometimes it is lonely at the top. That is why Women on Wings also provides a platform to the CEO’s of its partners where they can discuss challenges and solutions with peers who share the same perspectives. On November 30 and December 1, 2018, thirteen CEO’s joined Women on Wings’ CEO Summit in Gurgaon. Three specialists took the CEO’s on a journey which led them to impact investing, the Pyramid of Lencioni, and how to build the Second line of management.

Not so lonely at the top
These topics, brought by Women on Wings’ experts in separate interactive workshops will help them in running their enterprises even more successfully. Dimple Sahni, managing director Impact Investing at Anthos, gave insights in the world of impact investors. Annemarie van Holstein, partner at Ortelius, introduced the Pyramid of Lencioni, a team development program which improves team effectiveness and productivity. Marlies van der Meulen-Sahni, managing director Polygon, shared her vast experience in growing and developing companies, change management and how to create the second line of management. All CEO’s shared very positive feedback and requested to have 2 such summits per year.

Platform towards the one million jobs
These topics are most important for any CEO but at the same time difficult to discuss with subordinates. Ronald van het Hof, joint Managing Director at Women on Wings: “Witnessing the struggle around these topics at many of our partners, we decided to bring together peers and specialists. It is part of our larger plan of creating a platform which will enable interactions between our partners and experts at various levels and provide an opportunity of scale. It’ll enable our partners to reach out to a larger market and have access to finance. The online platform will be supported by offline activities.”

Support from EXIM Bank of India
Partially, this Summit was made possible thanks to financial support of EXIM Bank of India. Shilpa Mittal Singh, joint Managing Director at Women on Wings: “Just like us, EXIM Bank believes in sharing knowledge as a tool for development, that’s why we are partnering in our Summits. The CEO’s learned all about how their enterprises could benefit from the bank’s financial tools in a presentation by Mr. Ashish Kumar, Chief Deputy Manager at EXIM Bank of India. Some of our partners present at the Summit are already clients at EXIM Bank, so that came as a confirmation of the bank’s services and impact on social enterprises.”