New partner Inergy knows power of sharing knowledge

Success is no coincidence. Preparing oneself thoroughly on the basis of accurate information is critical for success. This is why Inergy Analytical Solutions (Inergy) supports people and organizations in running their business in a data-driven manner. Inergy choose to donate 5,000 euro to Women on Wings instead of sending physical Christmas Cards to its partners this year.

Enthusiastic team of experts
Inergy has a staff of over 100. Together they form an enthusiastic team of dedicated project managers, architects, consultants and engineers in the field of Business Intelligence. One of its staff is Danielle Pels, who also happens to be one of Women on Wings’ experts. Danielle: “I am proud to support Women on Wings’ partners in India by sharing my experiences in the field of social media marketing. And my colleagues at Inergy join me in this pride because all of us feel we indirectly improve the lives of families in rural India since our employer Inergy supports Women on Wings. We very much embrace this decision.”

Improving lives of rural people
Dutch company Inergy has no qualms about ambitious projects or demanding clients. It continuously deepens its understanding of innovative technologies and solutions to help other businesses grow. The results for its clients: more sales, higher efficiency and lower costs. Inergy’s products and services include consulting, implementation, hosting and maintenance of business intelligence, big data, data warehousing, analytics and data discovery solutions. Inergy supports Women on Wings financially because it understands the power of sharing business knowledge.