Imbarro Home & Fashion brings colors to rural women

Imbarro Home & Fashion (Imbarro) is a Dutch Brand that designs home and fashion accessories. Its collections are known for the statement: ‘Imbarro colors your life’. This year Imbarro celebrates its 25th anniversary and to share a gift with artisans in rural India, it decided to donate to Women on Wings.

Anniversary guests gift donations
Suzan Schreinders, Founder and Creative Director at Imbarro Home & Fashion: “We celebrated our 25th anniversary on October 25. We requested our guests to gift us a donation for a charity. The decision which cause to choose was an easy one: Women on Wings. We recognize the situation in which families struggle in India, because the wages that men earn sometimes do not reach their families. That is why Imbarro supports the ambition of Women on Wings to help more women in India with a job and a proper wage to provide for their families. Women will look after health, food and education for their children which results in a more equal and carefree future. With the gifts we received for our 25th anniversary we hope to bring some color to the lives of the women artisans in India too.”

Ethically made in India
At least twice a year Imbarro introduces new collections for its B2B customers. The collections are always colorful, often richly printed and they mix & match perfectly. Imbarro is very keen on producing its collections in India, matching its high ethical standards. Therefor Imbarro only partners with small production sites, where employees work in a safe environment, with reliable equipment and earn a fair wage according to Indian standards.

@Pic: Founder Suzan with some of Imbarro’s products