Braiding Cultures; Swiss design and Indian craftsmanship

KreativKonsum, a design studio from Switzerland, worked during its residency in India amongst others with Women on Wings’ partner ROPE to learn all about how natural fibers are being woven and processed. Jointly they worked on a special line of products that will be exhibited in Zürich, Switzerland, from August 30 to September 12, 2018.

Sustainable design concepts
KreativKonsum sprouts from Carina Fischer and Lukas Baumgartner, two designers who work on customers’ orders as well as on their own projects. Carina shares: “What we really love about our work is the wide variety of procedures we are involved with. Designing for us, means to get in contact with different people, materials, methods and challenges. Sustainability, technological developments and humanity are constant parts of our design concepts.”

Exploring natural fibers at ROPE
With the mission to link culture and their designs, the duo went on a residency to India from September to December 2017, to explore how natural fibers are being woven and processed. “We plunged into the Indian handicraft and visited rural areas. With ROPE in Kuchampatti we built a strong relationship. We learned so much from the women artisans while they tried to shape our designs with natural fibers. At ROPE, we also came to know about the partnership they have with Women on Wings”, Lukas adds.

Women on Wings benefits from Swiss sales
KreativKonsum will organize a show in Zürich, Switzerland, from August 30 to September 12, 2018, in which it will give insight in its experiences, encounters, inspirations and work from India. During this show, the special product line created in India will be sold and parts of the proceeds will be donated to Women on Wings.

Photograph: @KreativKonsum