Jute Artisans Guild Association brings employment and solution to plastics

Jute Artisans Guild Association has a vision to empower rural women from the believe that they are agents of change and can empower the next generation. It provides a source of income to rural women in and around Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) through the production of jute products. Women on Wings started supporting Jute Artisans Guild Association’s management in their growth ambition.

Jute for Life
Jute Artisans Guild Association (JAGA) only uses natural and recyclable, golden fiber of jute for its products, which are being made by women only. There is a wide variety of customized products, for instance bags and stationary, which are being sold under the label ‘Jute for life’. JAGA not only brings employment and thus development to villages, it also brings a natural solution to replace plastics. Last week, a Women on Wings team worked with the management of JAGA on its business strategy and road map towards 2020.

People and Planet
Anjali Singh, Founder and Director at Jute Artisans Guild Association: “Through bringing together nature and people we work towards a better environment and at the same time create better livelihoods for our women artisans. The women are the pride and joy of our organization and we look forward engaging more. We see it happen thanks to Women on Wings. Never ever did I think that someone would listen to me so deeply, make me think about the why, how and what of my organization, set targets and goals and find ways to achieve it. I absolutely loved working with the team. Also the field visit brought great joy to me and the women. I can’t wait till the next session!”

Jute Artisans; the organization
Women on Wings and JAGA will collaborate in their joint effort to grow employment opportunities for women in rural India. At the start of the partnership over 250 women are engaged with JAGA. It has a hybrid model; the Jute Artisans Guild Association, a non-profit entity, and Jute Artisans Guild Private Limited for its commercial activities. Proceeds from the private limited flow back to the non-profit. JAGA runs its business with a small team from Lucknow and has clients spread all over India. It is supported by the National Jute Board, Ministry of Textiles, Government of India, in setting up a jute raw material bank to facilitate the artisans working with JAGA.