Experts make the difference

Human Capital is the core of what Women on Wings does; providing business consultancy and mentoring to Indian social entrepreneurs who create employment for women in rural India. A network of 65 experts contributes to realizing the Women on Wings mission. Without these dedicated business professionals, Women on Wings would not have been able to realize the co-creation of 240,300 jobs for women in rural India as per today. Edwin van den Brand and Nicole Doornbos share why they support the Women on Wings approach.

Supporting partners in their growth
Already since 2011, Edwin shares his experience of (textile) production, organization and logistics with Women on Wings’ partners in India. He worked many years as buyer for several international textile companies and brings huge knowledge about the buying cycle and compliance too. Recently, Edwin did his twelfth assignment for Women on Wings in India. Edwin explains why he supports Women on Wings: “After working for almost three decades with Indian entrepreneurs and having lived in Africa for several years, I wanted to become more involved in supporting underprivileged people in their development. India is a country eminently suitable for the Women on Wings model. I happily contribute my expertise to support the Indian partners to produce more efficiently in a more market-oriented approach and thereby create more jobs for women.” Picture: Edwin top row, third left

Cultures learn from each other
Nicole Doornbos joined the expert network only last May. In daily life Nicole works as an expert on Human Resources, leadership and improving collaboration within and between teams abroad. In June she traveled to India to work with two of Women on Wings’ partners. Says Nicole: “It is a privilege to share knowledge and work with people from another culture. From both sides there is a lot of learning. I strongly connect to the goals of Women on Wings and believe in the mission that creating jobs and financial independence, gives freedom to women in India, and all over the world. Working with the Women on Wings partners was a powerful experience. For them, the financial independence and enhancement of women’s well-being in rural India is the guiding principle in everything they do. I had a wonderful week with great returns!” Picture: Nicole bottom row, second right

The picture shows a snapshot of only 45 of the 65 Women on Wings experts. Technical reasons prevent us from sharing all on one screen.