Safe Harvest delights customers with ZERO pesticide foods

Safe Harvest promotes and supports Non Pesticide Management (NPM) of agriculture. Their pesticide free products are sold in many different retailer outlets in South India. Recently, Women on Wings expert Cornelie Guise worked with the Safe Harvest team on its branding strategy.

Selling the brand
Branding is all about consistency in the communication of a product. Cornelie: “It’s a reflection of the brand and its products. You want customers to recognize your product; there for you need to be consistent in all that involves your company and your product. So we looked at the packaging, the functional and environmental footprint. And at how we could break the norm with one aim only: delight the customer and make them want to buy Safe Harvest’s products.”

Listen to your customer
In the first workshop, Women on Wings and Safe Harvest jointly came up with a holistic concept; Caring For Her. This has the potential to clearly position the unique value that Safe Harvest is creating for female farmers as well as their most important consumer group: women taking care of their families. Several communication and commercial ideas were generated, one being a field marketing research among 100 families in Bangalore. The outcome of this field marketing research will support Safe Harvest in further developing its branding strategy in the coming months.

From farmer to consumer
Safe Harvest Private Limited is India’s first organization to market pesticide-free food products under the Non Pesticide Management (NPM) logo ZERO. Safe Harvest was born out of a belief that if rightly promoted and supported, Indian farmers are willing to grow food through NPM farming techniques. Safe Harvest is actively engaged with small and marginal farmers, a majority of who are women, and endeavors to bring to the consumer, a range of food products grown without synthetic pesticides, herbicides and GM seeds. The pesticide free products are sold in many brick and mortar and online retail outlets across Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Chennai. Every batch of Safe Harvest products is tested in FSSAI accredited laboratories for pesticide compounds listed in the Food Safety and Standards (Contaminants, Toxins and Residues) Regulations, 2011.
@picture: Safe Harvest