Dutch Trade Mission with PM Mark Rutte to India

Dutch Trade Mission with PM Mark Rutte to India

The largest ever trade mission from The Netherlands took place from May 22 to May 25. Over 220 representatives and four Dutch Ministers joined Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte at his visit to India which further tied the partnership of India and The Netherlands.

Opportunities for growth in rural areas
India’s economy is largely based on agriculture and animal husbandry in which milk production plays important role. It is the largest buffalo milk producer in the world. On a global level India is the second largest producer of horticultural crops and fruits and the fourth for eggs. Currently, 40% of the fresh food gets spoiled between production and the retail market. One of the biggest opportunities in the value chain is forward integration, e.g. processing units nearby rural production locations in which rural women will find employment. This will create new opportunities for Women on Wings.

Enhancing Indo-Dutch trade relations
Maria van der Heijden, co-founder of Women on Wings and Director at MVO Nederland (CSR Netherlands): “MVO Nederland and sixteen Dutch and Indian organizations signed an MoU for Biomass for All, in the presence of PM Rutte. The program aims to upcycle agri waste and is an initiative of INDUS Forum, a matchmaking platform by MVO Nederland and the Dutch Embassy in India. Women on Wings’ joint managing Director Ronald van het Hof also participated in various sessions during the trade mission which generated an abundance of useful contacts for Women on Wings.

“Through this partnership with Women on Wings, we want to enable more women to earn their own income that will give them greater financial means to improve their livelihoods. Economic independence for women means more children can go to school, more meals per day for their families and communities, and an overall better standard of living for them and future generations”

Ilan Vuddumalay
C&A Foundation