Being Women on Wings expert brings much in return

Bringing knowledge and experience, but also getting much in return while working with the Women on Wings partners on branding, product development & marketing. That is how volunteer expert Cornelie Guise experiences her workshops with Women on Wings’ partners.

Sharing time & talent
Cornelie Guise is a marketing and branding professional from the Netherlands. Since early 2012 she shares her skills and experience with Women on Wings’ business partners. Since then, she has travelled eight times to various parts of India. Cornelie: “The workshops with the Women on Wings partners are truly inspiring and energizing. I’m always impressed by the energy and strong devotion of the teams. It really empowers me and I gain so much from working in India that I can use in my daily work in the Netherlands. And it makes me proud to contribute to the Women on Wings objective. I truly feel my work makes a difference to the lives of many rural women in India. It’s the ultimate win-win experience.”

Seeing silk and spice business grow
Recently Cornelie worked with two Women on Wings partners on their marketing communication strategies: Grameen Sahara in Guwahati, Assam, and Safe Harvest in Bengaluru, Karnataka. Since April 2016 Women on Wings and Grameen Sahara work on increasing the number of jobs and livelihood opportunities for women in rural northeastern parts of India where Grameen Sahara is working, mainly in its silk and spices business. The various Women on Wings workshops at Grameen Sahara pay off; since the start of the partnership over 300 extra jobs for rural women have been co-created.

Pesticide free food
Safe Harvest Pvt Ltd is one of the seven new business partners that Women on Wings welcomed in 2017. Since September 2017 the social business from Bengaluru is collaborating with women on Wings on its business strategy. Safe Harvest is India’s first organization to market non pesticide food products under the Non Pesticide Management logo ZERO. Safe Harvest was born out of a belief that if rightly promoted and supported, Indian farmers are willing to grow food through Non Pesticide Management (NPM) farming techniques. Safe Harvest is actively engaged with small and marginal farmers across India, and brings best quality non pesticide food staples, directly from farmers to consumers.