Female farmers benefit from Jugaad

In working with Women on Wings’ business partners recently in Bengaluru, expert Casper Schoenmakers discovered how Jugaad – a solution that bends the rules and is used to signify creativity – is practiced and how that ultimately benefits female farmers.

Pro-Nature is promoting the production (working with thousands of -largely female- farmers) and consumption of organic produce like rice, pulses and spices. It is selling to both traditional as well as modern retail. With Pro-Nature the Women on Wings team focused on category management and joint value creation with modern retailers. Casper: “We created an action plan how to better align the mutual objectives and defined a number of pragmatic solutions how to increase instore visibility and offtake for the total organic category and Pro-Nature brand.”

Safe Harvest
Safe Harvest very recently joined the network of Women on Wings business partners. It is promoting and supporting Non Pesticide Management (NPM) farming techniques. Their products are for sale in many different retailer outlets in South India. In its first workshop with Women on Wings, the teams focused on the golden circle, Why, How and What, and jointly came up with a holistic concept; Caring For Her. This has the potential to clearly position the unique value that Safe Harvest is creating for female farmers as well as their most important consumer group: women taking care of their families. Several communication and commercial ideas have been generated and will be executed in the coming months.

Jugaad for social and economic progress
These two enterprises, both head quartered in Bengaluru, are rooted in a deep believe that social and economic progress can be achieved at the same time and both are learning by doing. They pilot new ideas and products and pivot their proposition and business model. That is how Jugaad is being practiced.