Building a successful team at Mandala Apparels

To grow a company, it is important that all people involved work as a good team. But what is ‘a good team’? Early August, Esther Goethart, expert at Women on Wings, worked three days with the team of Women on Wings’ business partner Mandala Apparels on building a successful team. This was a follow up of the initial team building sessions that took place last February.

Management Game LinkXs
Management games are a great way to facilitate an intense dialogue about key issues such as core values, team collaboration and company culture. It certainly gave a lot of insights to the team of Mandala Apparels. Anjali Schiavina, CEO and Founder at Mandala Apparels: “The management games gave a lot of fun and turned out very effective. All of us were all very eager to win and nothing was spared to get the best result in the games. Afterwards we had a very open discussion about all the do’s and don’ts that were manifested during the games. That gave a lot of insights and I’m sure it helps to take the next successful step in our growth.”

Each individual can make more impact
The management team had grown from nine to twelve since the session last February. Esther Goethart: “To have a complete overview of each individual, the new members did the Belbin test which the others had done in February. This test gives a good understanding of the strengths and pitfalls of a team and its members. It was good to see which progress in terms of collaboration and creating synergy was made since February.”

Mandala, a social enterprise
Women on Wings’ partner Mandala Apparels was founded to bring about a positive difference in the fashion industry in India. Mandala, which operates from Pondicherry, southeast India, has a holistic integrated supply chain, from the organic cotton female farmers to the women who produce the infant, kids and adults garments and soft toys to the final product for export. It aims to grow and keep evolving, transforming the impacts on society, economy and ecology allied to the apparel industry.