Building the future for Shrujan – stitch by stitch

Shrujan – Threads of Life, was founded in 1969 by ms Chandaben Shroff, also known as Kaki, to help women in rural Kutch earn an extra income and safeguard the unique embroidery of each tribal group. Women on Wings and Shrujan have been partnering for over five years. Last November Kaki passed away. Today, Shrujan is led by Kaki’s daughter Ami Shroff, who is as eager as her mother to create income generating opportunities for the women in Kutch and strengthening the dignity of women by craft development. Recently, Women on Wings worked for three days with the team of Shrujan on its business plan.

Finest handicrafts from 4,200 artisans
In production and sales, Shrujan currently provides 4,200 women a source of income and pride. Shrujan wants to be known for its ‘fine craft in Kutch’ and aims to triple its sales by 2020. To realize that ambition it focusses on production of high quality embroidery products, affordable for all upper-middle and upper class clients. Also Shrujan aims to produce high-end textile crafts. Their Unique Selling Point is the finest handicraft by women in Kutch.

Joint goal inspires
Annet van den Hoek, expert at Women on Wings: “Together we developed a strategy for reaching Shrujan’s objectives. We looked at the potentials for increasing sales and for each sales channel we developed an action plan.” Ami Shroff continues: “These ambitious sales plans also request a further optimization and expansion of our production capacity. Plans have been developed for increasing the number of artisans. We will be organizing workshops for artisans to inspire them, give them examples and benchmarks of high quality production and explain them about the target customers. I’m very happy with the outcome of the Women on Wings workshops. I appreciate the way they facilitated the open discussions and I’m happy to see an active contribution of all in a good atmosphere. We work towards the same goals and that inspires.”

@picture: Kaki Shroff amidst Shrujan’s artisans