Trading places at human resources Women on Wings

A pool of sixty volunteer experts is the human capital of Women on Wings. Next to being expert, some have a job at a corporate and some have their own company to manage. The Indian and Dutch Women on Wings teams work close together to ensure these experts stay committed and match the requirements of the Women on Wings business partners. Per March 1, 2017, Hilke Tol took over these responsibilities from Annemarie van Holstein in the Dutch team.

Annemarie van Holstein from human resources to expert
Annemarie van Holstein joined the Women on Wings team in January 2014 as freelancer for eight hours per week. Next to that she is partner in a human resources consulting firm. Annemarie: “I’ve always worked with great passion for the Women on Wings cause. I totally believe in the approach of sharing knowledge to create an impact in the lives of rural women in India. But the consulting firm grew till it reached the point that I had to make a choice. I couldn’t combine it any longer with Women on Wings so we looked for my replacement. I will stay involved, but as volunteer expert.”

Hilke Tol from expert to human resources
Women on Wings started looking in its own network for the replacement of Annemarie and found a perfect match in volunteer expert Hilke Tol. Hilke has been an expert for Women on Wings since August 2014 and has worked with multiple business partners in India on their growth strategy. Hilke: “First I was surprised when I was asked as I am not a typical HR manager by profession. I’m an interim change and operations manager. Of course I also look at the human resources aspect at an interim assignment. The fact that I am one of the Women on Wings experts will surely help in recruiting new experts. After all, it takes one to find one.”

@picture: transferring responsibilities from Annemarie (left) to Hilke