The purpose of branding social enterprises

MORALFIBRE and ROPE International are Indian social enterprises that engage female artisans. To keep and create sustainable work for more artisans, both enterprises aim to become a strong brand. Recently, Cornelie Guise, expert for Women on Wings, worked with teams of both organizations on their marketing communications strategies for 2017.

Brand pyramid
With the team of MORALFIBRE in Ahmedabad, Cornelie worked on the company’s marketing strategy and brand positioning using the brand pyramid. Next to that they worked on a separate strategy for MORALFIBRE’s women’s label ‘Shades of Earth’, and its yoga label ‘Yoga Sutra’. Each label has its own identity and reaches out to different customers and the. The brand pyramid is a tool used to analyse the positioning and market opportunities of the brand. The highly energetic and committed MORALFIBRE team came up with great inputs for a clear strategy. Cornelie left the team with practical and concrete tools for the short term implementation.

Brands keep their promise
In Chennai, Cornelie and Shashank Teotia, senior business consultant at Women on Wings, worked with the team of ROPE International on the commercial calendar for 2017 and its goals. Cornelie explained that a brand is not an icon, a slogan, or a mission statement. It’s a promise a company makes and keeps in every marketing activity, every action, every corporate decision, and every customer interaction. Building a brand, requires consistency in all marketing communications. Based on the inputs of the ROPE team, Cornelie supported in making a brand book which is a continuous guideline for the team in all communication with its customers.

The why of being
MORALFIBRE’s mission it to contribute towards an environmentally and socio-economically sustainable world by bringing synergy in the activities of producers of ethical fabrics, their organizations, designers, consumers and various members of the ethical fabric value chain. The fabrics are hand spun and hand woven by artisans, mainly women, in remote villages.
ROPE International takes the ‘Responsibility Of People & Environment’ from a mere concept to the core of its operating philosophy; it’s the heart of its business model. It not only makes environment friendly products, but also nurtures initiatives to enhance the standard of living of people who make these products. Women make home and lifestyle products from natural materials like bamboo, coconut shell and banana fibre that even find their ways to some of the biggest retailers in the world.