Being an expert for Women on Wings brings so much in return

I feel privileged to be part of Women on Wings. The last 5 years I have been travelling several times to India as one of its ‘marketing experts.’ As a volunteer, because it’s pro-bono work that we do as Women on Wings experts. Each trip brought me to places and meet ups with people I would never had have else way. Always inspiring, energizing and empowering. Co-learning in workshops on branding, product development & marketing for one major ultimate goal: growing the companies so as to create 1 million sustainable jobs in rural India.

In India there are a lot of sustainable initiatives happening. All of them create impact and are making a tremendous change in the challenging lives of rural people in India. They all have devotion
and encourage others to help in the best way possible. India can be proud of its development by these pioneers & social entrepreneurs. Change is happening, but it takes time.

In 2016 I have visited a diverse range of initiatives; social commercial organizations and ngo’s. All with huge potential to make a change. Based on ‘fair principles’ of doing business. I travelled to
– Rajasthan to work with Sadhna and GVCS. With a focus on increasing their market share in the Domestic Market.
– Pondicherry and Dharmasthala (Karnataka), both in the South of India, to co-work on Visual Merchandising & Branding ‘how to build a strong brand’.
– And on my latest journey to Ahmedabad and Chennai to co-work with teams on their brand pyramid & marketing strategy.

What impresses me most is this; the organizations are strong in high quality manufacturing and each have a strong back office. Which are just a few of their strong assets. In the two days of co-working with the Women on Wings partners I am always impressed by the energy and strong devotion of the teams. The Women on Wings partners make a difference in many rural lives. Which makes me so proud. And which makes them strong & long-lasting partners for Women on Wings. Sustainability with huge potentials for a successful future.

I would like to thank all of you, who I met and worked with, for your motivation to make a change. I was extremely happy to witness your eagerness to learn and grow. I always learn the most;-)

– Dear partners: I wish you all the best of growth for the future.
– Dear teams at the Women on Wings partners: Thank you for sharing your insights and honesty during our workshops.
– Dear Women on Wings: Thank you for letting me be part of your network of experts.

Cheers to a fruitful & ‘fair’ful future! Happy New Year!!

Cornelie Guise
Expert in Marketing & Branding