Matchmaking at two day Summit for Women on Wings partners

Also for Heads of Women on Wings’ business partners it sometimes is lonely at the top. A two day CEO Summit provided them a platform to share experiences and challenges on December 16 and 17, 2016, New Delhi. It also turned out to be a matchmaking platform and the enterprises discovered new sales opportunities.

Trends and Export
Heads of Women on Wings business partners Eco Tasar, GoCoop, MoralFibre, Mahila Umang, Okhai, Rangsutra and Sahaj participated in the Summit. Marie-Gon Vos, a Dutch Trends Translator who lives in India, took the team on an inspiring journey on trends in the European market related to exports. The team worked on various interactive assignments, like how do you spot trends and how can you translate them into your own business.

Finance and Investment
The challenges on finance and investment were explained by expert Gwen Windhorst, manager finance & risk management for SME’s at Rabobank in the Netherlands. From a banker’s perspective Gwen showed the participants e.g. the importance of a robust business plan, how to have a structured approach of the risks and how to mitigate these. Gwen: “I’m really amazed by the power, energy and potential of Women on Wings and its business partners. The many open discussions were extremely valuable to all and made a very successful Summit.”

Stages of growth in business life cycle
Ronald van het Hof, MD Women on Wings, explained the seven stages in a business life cycle: from Conception, Start-up, Growth, Established, Expansion, Mature and finally Exit. Each step requires different focus from the CEO and has its own challenges. Sharing each other’s experiences resulted in learnings for the CEO’s in the growth stage to learn from the more established enterprises.