Creating an impact through effective communication

Keeping all stakeholders committed and loyal to your organization is just as important as your sales. Three Women on Wings business partners recently looked into the benefits of effective (internal) communication with expert Nicolette Biessels and senior business consultant Surpriya Kapoor.

Growing businesses and sustainable communication
Communication is the key to make all stakeholders partners in the companies’ efforts. Sharing cultural values of an organization with all involved will keep them connected, committed and loyal. The Women on Wings team shared practical tools with teams of Drishtee, CropConnect and Grameen Sahara. They gained a lot of understanding about all the elements of a communication plan: why, who, what, how, by whom, when, budget and monitoring. Growing a business is not only about increasing turnover and sales, but also about improving the structure of the communication to all involved to make it sustainable.

Empowered women transform rural societies
Nicolette: “Our third session brought us to Assam where we expected seven or eight people at the Grameen Sahara office. Much to our surprise we were welcomed by a team of 17 people. Grameen Sahara is very eager to engage its field staff, so they too joined in the workshop. It was great to see the commitment of the management, second line management and the field staff. They all have the same belief that empowered women transform societies. Currently there are 600 rural women connected with Grameen Sahara, mainly in its silk and spices business.”

All three business partners have their own specific communication strategies and are now working on taking their communication and implementation plans further. Nicolette will keep the connection from the Netherlands.