Sales workshop for four Women on Wings partners

Increasing sales and thus creating more social impact in rural India. That was the ultimate goal of a two day Sales workshop with four Women on Wings business partners. The workshop was moderated by expert Marja Versleijen which took her to four cities across India from September 26 to October 6, 2016.

It started with a Sales Summit
Last February, Marja Versleijen moderated a two day Sales Summit for multiple Women on Wings partners in New Delhi. All participants were very positive in their feedback and most requested an in-depth sales workshop for their own teams. Ronald van het Hof, MD at Women on Wings: “We work demand-driven and we listen to the voice of our partners. Marja agreed to come to India again for almost two weeks, in which period we could match agenda’s with our partners, Avani, Mandala Apparels, GoCoop and Tisser.”

Sales Sales Sales!
Marja Versleijen shared her knowledge of over 20 years in sales with the four business partners. She created a tailor made in-depth sales workshop in which theory and interactive sessions joined hands.
The teams she worked with varied from 3 to 9 participants. Marja: “We worked on tools how to translate a business model into an active sales strategy and sales plan and we worked on a structure for account plans for large customers. We practiced the 9 steps of a sales process with role plays how to approach potential customers. All four business partners were extremely eager to learn and did the phone calls and face-to-face sales pitches in a very enthusiastic way. And we had a lot of fun.”

Creating impact by increasing sales
All four business partners work with rural women in their value chains. The ultimate aim of the sales workshop is to realize more sales so as to increase the number of rural women connected to Avani, Mandala Apparels, GoCoop and Tisser. Women with a job spend their income on their families and on educating their children, resulting in a better future for the next generation.

@picture: Marja with Avani’s Raju and Rajnish in a team work assignment