Eco Tasar – a different customer approach for sarees

I’ve been in New Delhi many times before for Women on Wings but never before did I work with Eco Tasar. Eco Tasar produces a wide range of tasar silk products: from cushion covers to sarees and garments. The beautiful products stand out thanks to a perfect match of modern western design and traditional Indian handicrafts.

I worked with Khitish Pandya, Eco Tasar’s Managing Director, on a communications plan for a new sales and communications approach. Khitish basically already had a great idea on which he wanted to work with. After updating me about the business, the idea and the targets, we worked on the plan for one of Eco Tasar’s most important products: sarees.

Jointly, we made a plan for the sales and communications approach for sarees: who is the target customer, how to reach out to the relevant customer, what story to tell, what are (retail) moments, for instance festive holidays like Eid, Diwali, Christmas. And what are the ‘touch points’, or how do you connect with your customer. You can use e-mail, social media and mobile phone messages, but you have to find out what works best for you and your customer. Part of the communications approach is a loyalty program and member-get-member approach. Sarees are bought for special occasions and women are great users of word-of-mouth before deciding where to buy from. So this could be a big opportunity with the festive season coming up.

After two intense but great days working on the plans, Khitish and Ranjana will now work on taking this plan further. We will have regular skype updates to see if all goes well or if long distance support from my side is needed.

Looking forward to seeing all this resulting in more sales!

Karen de Loos