CropConnect and Women on Wings start collaborating

CropConnect brings traditional food ingredients straight from the farm to the consumer’s kitchen. Its aim is to connect, mainly female, farmers directly and more efficiently to markets to help raise their incomes. Women on Wings and CropConnect started collaborating on increasing the results of the social enterprise that sells its products under the brand name ‘Original Indian Table’.

Hocus pocus focus
The first workshop with the team of CropConnect was facilitated by Ronald van het Hof, MD at Women on Wings and Supriya Kapoor, Senior Business Consultant at Women on Wings. They worked on the company’s core values and sales strategy. Puneet Jhajharia, Director at CropConnect: “The first session with Women on Wings was an eye opener. We are working on so many things that we sometimes lose our focus. The Women on Wings team made us aware that we can’t do it all at the same time. We need to prioritize and focus on our strategy. This really helps a lot in our decision-making. We are already looking forward to the second session with Ronald and Supriya.”

‘Original Indian Table’ connects farmers to consumers
Through their travels across India, the CropConnect team found that farmers were increasingly shifting to traditional food crops grown in natural, organic ways. They discovered that a lot of these crops were unique to specific regions of India and had been forgotten by consumers. Parallely, they also found consumers who were looking for wholesome, clean and nutritious food that is grown locally. All of this led to the birth of ‘Original Indian Table’, CropConnect’s brand for products like rice, millets, infused salts, nuts and dried fruits.

Photography @Umang Farmer Producer Company