Achmea Foundation and Women on Wings join hands to create employment for female farmers

Achmea Foundation and Women on Wings have signed a three-year partnership in which Achmea Foundation will support Women on Wings in co-creating jobs for female farmers in India. In addition to providing funds, Achmea Foundation also shares the knowledge, experience and expertise of selected Achmea employees.

Self-reliance, solidarity and cooperation
These are the key values rooted in Achmea’s history as a cooperative. The Achmea Foundation initiates and supports projects that help to sustainably improve the lives of people from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds. The Achmea Foundation collaborates with organizations that strive towards financial independence, like social entrepreneurs. The projects must be related to issues that are in line with Achmea’s tradition: financial services (specifically micro-insurance), healthcare and agriculture.

With the support of Achmea Foundation Women on Wings will work with social companies in the agricultural sector in India to enable them to grow and create income for the female farmers. Women on Wings aims to enhance growth of the companies by providing relevant business knowledge and linking the companies to the final consumers in regional, domestic and international markets. A better income for female farmers means financial independence and an escape from the cycle of poverty.

In addition, selected Achmea employees will give workshops to business partners of Women on Wings on specific business issues. In this way they can actively contribute to the key values of Achmea by ultimately enhancing self-reliance of women through solidarity and cooperation.