Plan for jump in growth for Eco Tasar

Women on Wings’ business partner Eco Tasar is a social enterprise that sells products that are mostly made from hand-spun silk thread and / or hand-woven silk fabric. Think scarves, sarees and cushion covers. Rural women do the spinning of tasar silk thread, a natural wild silk. Eco Tasar’s designs have an international signature, which even find their ways to customers in USA and Europe.

Scaling up sales
Recently, Ellen Oord, expert at Women on Wings, worked two days with the ambitious management team of Eco Tasar on its strategy and growth plan. Ellen: “The aim is to scale up sales in exports and the domestic market. So we worked on issues like how to organize export sales resources to work more efficiently, identify ‘the Eco Tasar customer’, and how to reach out to the core customer base. The products are beautifully designed which is the first reason to buy. But sharing the story that it’s handcrafted by rural women is surely another USP.”

Impacting millions by doing business
Khitish Pandya, CEO at Eco Tasar: “It was inspiring to work with Ellen. Due to the many questions she asked, we discovered during the process where our strength and weakness lie. The core of our business lies in the heart of improving the livelihoods of rural families. We didn’t start this business to become millionaires, but to impact the lives of millions. So we will do our utmost to work on increasing our customer base so as to increase the number of women working on our products.”