Impacting nearly 200,000 families in rural India

Women on Wings’ latest milestone is a total of nearly 200,000 new jobs for women in rural India. The growth in the number of jobs is the result of great partnerships with our business partners in India. Women on Wings experts share their time and knowledge pro bono with these social enterprises to support them in expanding their businesses so they sell more products and thus create more employment for women.

Focus on sustainable growth
Ronald van het Hof, joint Managing Director at Women on Wings: “More and more Indian organizations are interested in working with us, especially from the Food & Agri sector. There is a growing interest in social investment and sustainable business practices. The Modi government certainly creates a change with its many programs for rural development, women empowerment and entrepreneurship. Our consultancy work is a logical addition to these programs: it helps the organizations to bring in more focus on the business perspective in order to achieve a sustainable growth.”

600,000 children in school
The exact number of jobs co-created is 199,900. These nearly 200,000 jobs mean two meals a day and a better existence for almost 200,000 Indian families. It also means more money is spent on (better) education for their children. As an extra result, 600,000 children are in (a better) school thanks to the fact their mothers have a job with an income.

Impact through business consultancy
A job and an income provide women in rural India with greater self-sufficiency, purchasing power and a better social position. It is an escape from the cycle of poverty. In the link you will find stories about rural women who share how having a job and income changed their lives.