Aligning partners in ‘Making periods normal’ program

The creation of a recipe was used to convincing the Indian alliance partners in the ‘Making periods normal’ program that working as a team really creates better results. In a workshop facilitated by Women on Wings in Bhagalpur, Bihar, the alliance partners BVHA, SEWA, Dharma Life, Restless Development and Pratham experienced that by sharing knowledge they can be more effective.

Part of the ‘Making periods normal’ program is the creation of an online knowledge center which will have all learnings and ingredients for a successful program. There was some hesitation amongst the alliance partners in sharing their own specific ingredients for the recipe. Anupama Mairal, Senior Fundraising Consultant at Women on Wings: “In the workshop, the knowledge center was compared to a cookbook of famous chefs who publish their recipes and have their own restaurants. Does it mean that by sharing the recipes nobody will come to their restaurants? On the contrary, people will want to visit the restaurant to find out more about the dishes.”

The same will happen when the online knowledge center is up and running. After the workshop, all partners were convinced that the knowledge center is important for the success of the overall program and that each has its own specific ingredient in the recipe. The partners are now finalizing all ingredients for the knowledge center which is expected to be served from August 2016 onwards.