Developing Fabric Plus team in Assam

A group of twenty-five team leaders of Women on Wings’ business partner Fabric Plus are eager to contribute to the growth of the silk producing company. This second line management is young, ambitious and loyal to the company. Recently a team of Women on Wings worked with the team leaders on a management development program to support them in their personal growth.

Ellen Tacoma, co-founder of Women on Wings, and Ronald van het Hof, joint managing director at Women on Wings, worked with the group on various topics to support them in becoming better managers. Ellen Tacoma: “Most team leaders concluded that sometimes they might be asking too much from their staff. We discussed how they could change their approach and still be ambitious and loyal. Each of the team leaders determined personal communication and growth targets. The team was very open and thus vulnerable. But they realized that by sharing one can gain so much from the others.”

Ellen and Ronald also worked with Dilip Barooah, managing founder at Fabric Plus. They looked at the business and the macro-economic influence on the company’s results. They discussed the company’s plans for the current fiscal year and evaluated the improvement plans with the different departments.

Fabric Plus is a company socially committed to nourish rural craftsmanship. It offers a wide range of silk products from yarns to fabric. The ambition of Fabric Plus is to become the leading authentic silk manufacturer and exporter in India. The mission of the company is to be a vehicle for significant socio-economic improvement and specifically to empower women.