Facilitating growth at Rangsutra

Women on Wings’ business partner Rangsutra has shown a healthy growth over the past years. As in all businesses, growth also creates new challenges, especially in the operational process. Joost Theunis, expert supply chain management at Women on Wings, worked intensively with the management of Rangsutra in Bikaner to optimize the operations.

Handmade quality products
Rangsutra’s goal is to ensure sustainable livelihoods for artisans and farmers, by creating top quality products. These products are handmade by rural artisans from remote regions of India and are appreciated both in the domestic market and abroad. Large retailers like Fabindia and IKEA are amongst the bigger customers.

Tracking thousands of cushion covers
An order of a major customer implies that the production of thousands of cushion covers by hundreds of women in many different villages has to be managed in terms of planning, logistics and quality management. Keeping in mind that there are close to 25 different techniques involved and that each artisan masters 2 or 3 techniques it is obvious that good planning and tracking is key.

Identifying key miles stone in process flow
Joost Theunis worked with Rangsutra’s management in Bikaner on defining the whole process flow in all detailed steps, and helped identifying the key miles stones that need to be tracked. This will help management to monitor and manage the process and identify the risks involved. The Bikaner team can now work on adding data and finalizing the reporting template. Next steps can also include historic analysis in order to improve the process. Joost: “Enthusiastic, open-minded, passionate, eager to improve. Those are the words that come to mind when I think of the people I’ve met at Rangsutra. I felt very welcome, they captured a part of my hart. Their mission is felt throughout the organization.”