Two day Summit on Sales for Women on Wings partners

How to increase your sales and create social impact as a result of that. That was the ultimate goal of a two day Summit on Sales with seven Women on Wings business partners on February 12 and 13, 2016, in New Delhi.

Sales Sales Sales!
The Summit was moderated by expert Marja Versleijen who shared her knowledge of over 20 years in sales. Starting by explaining the difference between Sales and Marketing, the participants were taken on a sales journey in which theory and interactive sessions joined hands. Marja: “We worked for instance on tools how to translate a business model into an active sales strategy, on the customer segmentation model, how to approach potential customers, the importance of knowing your USP. They also had to do a sales pitch which they did very seriously. I was extremely touched by their openness and willingness to give and accept feedback.”

Participants’ valuable feedback
All participants were very positive in their feedback. The Summit was useful for improving their sales and contributing to the growth of their companies which ultimately results in more jobs for women in rural India. Next to this they shared some other feedback, like Devina Singh from Mandala Apparels: “The great thing about this Summit is that Women on Wings doesn’t tell you what to do. They make you discover it yourself, which is just the best way.” Dheeraj Jain from Jaipur Rugs: “One tends to work in his own world. This Summit and sharing with others really spreads out your horizon.”

Summits and one-on-one consultancy with a social mission
The participants came from Women on Wings’ business partners with whom it also works in one on one consultancy sessions with the management teams to support the growth of their specific businesses. Twice a year Women on Wings organizes Summits on general topics that are of interest for multiple of its business partners. Women on Wings and its business partners share the same goal: creating social impact through creating job opportunities for women in rural India.