Bringing traditional Khadi to global customers

Women on Wings’ business partner MORALFIBRE is working to promote co-ops that produce hand spun and hand woven, carbon neutral and allergy free fabrics. Women in villages weave the finest quality of Khadi fabrics, which with MORALFIBRE’s input have even found their way to Hollywood. MORALFIBRE has supplied costume fabrics for Hollywood films including Warner Brothers Pan. They have a buyers base in India as well as internationally.

Increasing sales of high quality products
Founder and CEO at MORALFIBRE, Ms. Shailini Sheth Amin, works with a small but highly motivated and committed young team on the growth of her company. Last week, Women on Wings worked with Shailini and her team on its product and sales strategy. Ronald van het Hof, joint MD Women on Wings India: “We defined the sales approach and made a plan how to increase sales from existing customers and how to target new customers. We also worked on the online strategy. First steps in consumer online market portals will be taken with 5 shirts of real white Khadi fabric. These products are of a very high quality. Shailini really works with amazingly gifted crafts women.”

Clothing with a Conscience
MORALFIBRE’s mission it to contribute towards an environmentally and socio-economically sustainable world by bringing synergy in the programs and activities of poor producers of ethical fabrics, their organizations, designers, consumers and various members of the ethical fabric value chain. By using human energies, it has less negative impact on the environment. Mainly women artisans living in remote villages make the fabrics.