The purpose of branding Sadhna

Sadhna – A Women’s Handicraft Enterprise is Women on Wings’ first business partner in India. Sadhna’s dream is to engage women artisans and enhance their livelihoods. To keep sustainable work for more artisans, Sadhna aims to become a strong brand. Early January, Cornelie Guise, expert for Women on Wings, worked with a team of Sadhna in Udaipur on the goals for 2016.

Brand rules for future guidance and consistency
One of Sadhna’s challenges for 2016 is how to become a strong brand. Cornelie worked with the team on the several aspects of branding. Cornelie: “With a group of 8 artisans and 10 members of the design & marketing team we analyzed the brand Sadhna and its communication tools. Interesting insights and discussions crossed the table. A lot of members noticed that the brand opportunities are definitely there for Sadhna. We worked on setting up brand rules and developed a brand book. This will provide guidance and consistence in the future.”

The why of being Sadhna
An important part of building the brand is storytelling. Sadhna shares the same story with a lot of other NGO’s. But what makes them different from other NGO’s, what’s the WHY for their existence? The team worked on sharpening Sadhna’s mission statement and determined the brand values. This will help Sadhna have more focus in the near future.

Improving the customer journey
Customer journey and -experience is an ongoing process. Cornelie worked with the team on the entire customer journey, using role play to show simple tips & tricks to address difficult situations with customers. The team came up with improvements and new ideas for visual merchandising to create a better customer experience. Quick wins can be made at the Sadhna shops & exhibitions simply by tweaking existing elements and by using the brand visuals in a consistent way.