Women on Wings partners with Dinesh Shahra Foundation

Dinesh Shahra Foundation, one of the executing CSR organizations of Ruchi Soya Industries Limited, is partnering with Women on Wings in a program that aims to co-create new jobs for female farmers in dairy in Rajasthan.

Giving back to society
Mr. Dinesh Shahra, Founder & Managing Director of Ruchi Soya Industries Limited, has deep commitment to giving back to society which reflects in the CSR activities of the company. The CSR activities of Ruchi Soya focus on three key sectors: Education, Health and Women’s Empowerment and are executed through Shri Mahadeo Shahra Sukrat Trust and Dinesh Shahra Foundation (DSF). The program that Women on Wings developed with Ruchi Soya is financially supported by DSF.

The company
Featuring among the top five FMCG players in India, Ruchi Soya is a leading manufacturer and India’s largest marketer of healthier edible oils, soya food, premium table spread, vanaspati and bakery fats. It is also the highest exporter of soya meal, lecithin and other food ingredients from India. Established in 1986, Ruchi Soya has emerged as an integrated player, from farm to fork. It is now a company with a strong portfolio of brands like Nutrela, Mahakosh, Sunrich, Ruchi Gold and Ruchi No.1.

The Foundation
Dinesh Shahra Foundation is a non-profit, humanist organization committed to the cause of empowerment, sustainable development and creation of value based social structure. Our agenda is to work as a catalyst in bringing about positive change in the lives of millions of underprivileged farmers and other marginalized sections of the society. DSF also promotes sustainable development vis-a-vis haphazard growth by popularizing environmental friendly technologies that are in harmony with nature and moral fabric of our society.