The social enterprise MORALFIBRE becomes a new Women on Wings partner in co-creating jobs for women in rural India

Women on Wings and social enterprise MORALFIBRE from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, are joining hands in creating more job opportunities for women in rural India. Women on Wings will support MORALFIBRE in the growth of its business which ultimately will result in more jobs for women.

Quality Khadi finds global market
Recently a first working visit took place. Ellen Oord, expert for Women on Wings: “I worked with the management of MORALFIBRE on the business planning and on the marketing plan. They have beautiful products made of Khadi. I’m a retail specialist and I was really impressed by the beauty and quality of these hand-spun and hand-woven fabrics. No wonder they have found their ways to a global market. I was amazed to learn that MORALFIBRE has supplied costume fabrics for high powered Hollywood films, like ‘Pan’ and ‘Beauty and the Beast’. My kids will love to hear this!”

Global warming brings need for eco-friendly fabrics
Khadi’s are 100% natural cotton, including organic cotton, silk and blends in different counts and of highest quality. Sailini Sheth Amin, Founder and CEO at MORALFIBRE: “My late aunt and mentor Mrs. Indumati Chimanlal, was co-founder of a chain of Khadi Shops. Thanks to her I got inspired for developing the next generation of Khadi ‐ almost carbon neutral and allergy free. In the context of global warming and climate change the need for reinventing ethical, eco-friendly fabrics was clear. The framework emerged for an institution devoted to the cause of income generation for the poor.”

Clothing with a Conscience
MORALFIBRE’s mission it to contribute towards an environmentally and socio-economically sustainable world by bringing synergy in the programs and activities of poor producers of ethical fabrics, their organizations, designers, consumers and various members of the ethical fabric value chain. By using human energies, it has less negative impact on the environment. The fabrics are hand-spun and hand-woven by artisans living in remote villages. Till today, MORALFIBRE has been able to support over 2,500 skilled and unskilled artisans, mainly women.