Swades Foundation keeps up the pace in execution

Swades Foundation keeps up the pace in execution

Having a marvelous ambition, strategy and approach, Women on Wings’ business partner Swades Foundation is now at the long road to success with expected and non-expected hurdles in execution.

A model which helps in moving forward
Mid-September, Women on Wings expert Naomi Bisschop worked with a large team of Swades Foundation on the next step of the roadmap. Naomi: “I worked before with Swades. The previous sessions were held in the rural area, with the executing team. This time we worked at the head office in Mumbai, where the team of the head office also joined, including founder and managing trustee Zarina Srewvala. Like on the previous occasions, I used the CANVAS business model to discuss several subjects like training and mentoring, communications and the pilots to develop entrepreneurship. The model shows how subjects are interrelated and provides a simple structure for a complex reality.”

Business approach to bring change in rural India
The CANVAS model is just a tool, but a good tool to indicate and to discuss issues in the group. Zarina: It really helped us built mutual understanding, which ultimately will help us realize our goal of lifting a million people out of poverty every five years. Women on Wings brings us a unique and very valuable opportunity to work with and learn from the best business minds in the Netherlands and support us as we address the challenge of increasing the number of jobs and livelihood opportunities for women in rural India. Women, who will in turn, uplift their communities and serve as powerful agent for transformational change.”

“Thanks to the consultancy of Women on Wings, we now understand our team strengths and areas of improvement and more importantly, how we should be organizing ourselves going forward.”

Siva Devireddy
Founder and CEO at GoCoop