Entrepreneur Wilma Bram believes in Sharing Prosperity

Interport, a Dutch quality carrier, is a new funding partner of Women on Wings. Wilma Bram heads this carrier, specialized in connecting Spain and Portugal to northern European countries. Wilma believes in the approach of sharing knowledge to give people a better future in less convenient areas of the world.

A lot to share
Willma Bram: “Women are the change drivers of the economy. Women on Wings’ approach to share business knowledge and create jobs and income for women really attracted me. In general we have a lot to share; a simple smile but also money and knowledge. I am happy to share our part.”

CSR in the genes
As a company, Interport has Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in its genes. Next to being cooperative, deliver quality, provide an honest product and to minimize the effect on the environment, it is equally demonstrated by the fact that all employees have taken a joint decision to donate part of each year’s profits to a good cause.