When creativity meets business to create an impact

Understanding its own gaps and strengths may be one of the key stepping stones to GoCoop’s future success. Mid July, Women on Wings expert Irene Koel worked with the team of GoCoop, an online Social Marketplace for artisans located in Bengaluru, on its marketing and sales strategy.

Thinking out of the box
Irene, an expert in e.g. concept and business development, marketing and innovation, challenged the GoCoop team members in various workshops to think out of the box on how to develop the branding, communication and sales strategy. Irene: “It was a most valuable week. There was a great match and the timing of these subjects was bulls eye. Siva and his team are aware that they need to professionalize so they can make that next step. It was great fun for me to work with such a creative and dedicated team!”

Developing talent
Not only did they work on the marketing and sales strategy. Also the team itself was analyzed, using the Belbin test which discovers the behavioral strengths and weaknesses of each individual in a team, engaging and developing the talent that is already there. The test uses Team Roles to help build high-performing teams, maximize working relationships, and enable people to learn about themselves. Siva Devireddy, Founder and CEO at GoCoop: “We now understand our team strengths and areas of improvement and more importantly, how we should be organizing ourselves going forward.”

Unique business model creates social impact
GoCoop is India’s first social online marketplace for weavers and artisans. It’s based on a unique method of connecting buyers and sellers, skipping the local traders. They usually make the most profit, not the artisans. GoCoop is a one stop buying place without worries, creating social impact at the same time. GoCoop and Women on Wings jointly work on creating employment for women in rural India, aiming for a tenfold growth in the coming four years.