A Girl Today, A Woman Tomorrow

Today, May 28, is Menstrual Hygiene Day. All around the world women celebrate their womanhood and raise awareness by breaking the silence and hesitation around menstruation. Women on Wings supports a program ‘Making Periods Normal’ in Bihar in India. Our specific activity is to make sanitary pads available in villages with a sales and distribution model in which rural women are involved as entrepreneurs.

One week extra
We are passionate about this program as it gives girls and women the opportunity to reach their full potential. We have experienced the strength of girls in rural India. With the availability and use of sanitary pads, girls have one week extra each month to avail themselves. No girl should miss out on school because of the lack of sanitary pads.

Studying without wasting time
During one of our visits to rural India, a girl told us she wants to become a doctor. The dedication in her eyes convinced us she will succeed in becoming one. But she must be able to take the long and intense education path and should have no waste of time because of any inconvenient aspects of menstruation. Let’s make sure that when she reaches menarche, she’ll have pads available. A Girl Today can be A Woman Tomorrow.