Creating employment for female farmers in poultry

Women on Wings business partner Swornajyoti is the umbrella organization for four poultry cooperatives in Odisha. It has a total of 6,100 female members that produce chickens, ducks and quails. Currently, the women sell the meat and eggs at the local market. The market for meat and eggs is increasing in India. Therefore, Swornajyoti aims to scale up production and involve more women.

Analyzing finance and sharing best practices
Recently, Anita Joosten, expert for Women on Wings and Supriya Kapoor, senior business consultant of Women on Wings, worked with a team that form Swornajyoti in Bhubaneswar for a strategy review and planning workshop. Each of the four cooperatives has a dedicated team that supports the female farmers in business development, market linkages and acquiring loans for investments.
Supriya: “We worked with the CEO’s of the cooperatives and Dr. Kallul who is the CEO of the federation of the cooperatives. We did an `as-is analysis’ and a SWOT of the overall organization and the product portfolio. The discussions that followed not only provided a good insight in the possible growth scenario’s but sharing experiences also helped explain the need to set targets, clarify expectations and share best practices.“
Anita: “Key guidelines for fiscal discipline and monitoring were also discussed and adopted. From now on, the CEO’s will discuss the forecasts every month so that they can act upon the progress accordingly and take remedial action in time.”

Swornajyoti connects the dots with TATA Trusts
Swornajyoti is partner of TATA Trusts, with which Women on Wings also collaborates. One of the aims of the partnership of Women on Wings and TATA Trusts is finding new business partners with whom Women on Wings can co-create employment opportunities for women in rural India. Last November, Women on Wings identified Swornajyoti as the first new business partner from the TATA Trusts network. Women on Wings will work with Swornajyoty on its growth strategy, which includes sales and distribution, finances, marketing & communications and organizational structure. The growth strategy aims to create new employment opportunities for over 4,000 female farmers in 2016-2017.