Research on cultural differences between India and the Netherlands

Emma van der Meulen, a student at Utrecht University, identified the most important and relevant cultural differences between India and the Netherlands and examined to what extent these differences affect the exchange of business knowledge and expertise. This is of great value for Women on Wings that works with experts from, mainly, the Netherlands and business partners in India.

Awareness and sharing experience
The results of the research, which was made possible thanks to the financial support of Triodos Foundation, are used to make cooperation between all Women on Wings stakeholders more intensive and productive. For example, cultural differences will become part of the recruiting process for new experts. Women on Wings’ Human Resources will ask candidate experts explicit questions about their awareness of cultural differences and social dynamics.
Annemarie van Holstein, HR Professional for Women on Wings: ”Experts who joined us last year, indicated in the research that they want to share experiences with experts who have gone to India before. Next to the expert meetings we already organize, we are exploring new ways to connect experienced experts with new experts. And from now on, new experts will receive an on culture tapered “toolkit” before they go to work for Women on Wings.”