Partnership Women on Wings and House of Wandering Silk

Women on Wings started collaborating with House of Wandering Silk, a social enterprise that is committed to creating the finest textile-based lifestyle products that bring economic and social empowerment to women, while bringing joy to its customers. House of Wandering Silk and Women on Wings will jointly work on the strategy and branding of the enterprise to realize growth in turn-over.

Katherine Neumann, Director & Founder of House of Wandering Silk: “In January we had the first workshop with Supriya Kapoor, Senior Business Consultant of Women on Wings. We worked specifically on the strategy of the brand. In a very pragmatic way we discussed issues like where we see ourselves in 5 years from now and what steps should we take to get there. We’re thrilled to be working with Women on Wings towards our shared goal of providing livelihood opportunities for women in rural India.“

House of Wandering Silk, based in New Delhi, partners with a careful selection of cooperatives, women’s groups and artisans to design, hand craft and bring to market exceptional products. It transforms beautiful textiles into unique and luxurious products, made by female artisans. House of Wandering Silk targets socially-conscious customers who understand the importance of balancing exquisite design and high quality with the urgency of addressing poverty and inequality.

Photography: House of Wandering Silk