Dutch experts meet the Indian team

On February 11, the annual kick off meeting with Dutch Women on Wings experts was a special one. The team from India visited The Netherlands to present its plans for the coming year: Ronald van het Hof and Ineke Bezembinder, but also Supriya Kapoor and Anupama Mairal showed the Dutch experts their commitment and what they are working on. This created very energetic vibes in the Bosschuur in Austerlitz, the office of the team in The Netherlands.
Inspiring evening
Maria van der Heijden and Ellen Tacoma, founders of Women on Wings, presented the results of 2014. Maria: “Ronald introduced the setting of India nowadays with the new Modi government, the cultural habits and the challenges of our team in India. Supriya shared her journey with us in the past half year. She is very committed to further improve the work of consultancy in quantity and quality to realize the 1 million jobs goal. Anupama told the experts about her first learnings in networking to recruit funding partners in India. Tata Trusts is the first partner on board to support our goal and Anupama was very proud to share that Tata Trusts is India’s number one in philanthropy!”
After the presentations, the experts enjoyed interacting with each other and the Indian team members during an excellent dinner prepared by Bas in de Keuken.
New business partners require new expertise
Three times a year, Women on Wings organizes a meeting for its Dutch experts. To evaluate the activities in India, to discuss future plans and to learn more about job creating business models and cultural differences. The profile for experts changed in 2014 due to the changing requirements of the business partners. Annemarie, HR manager of Women on Wings: “We see a change in our portfolio. New business partners in India are more working in the field of food and spices than in textiles and garments. Therefor we had to look for more experts in the field of fresh and food marketing, animal management, strategy, supply chain management, logistics and finance. We professionalized the process of recruitment in 2014. We now have an excellent team of experts which meets the required expertise for our partners in India.”