2014 successful year with 182,000 jobs and more…

2014 was an impactful year for Women on Wings. Last December we reached the impressive number of 182,000 additional jobs for women. The opportunity to work and earn an income has a significant impact on women in rural India. A job for a woman means her children can go to school and have better meals, which increases their chances of a better future.

New business partners
Women on Wings added 6 new business partners: 3 in textile and 3 in agro and food. The new partners are all social enterprises. With our Indian team and Dutch experts we support these enterprises in expanding their businesses and in creating more employment opportunities for women.

New experts
In 2014 we welcomed 15 new experts. We searched for specific expertise in finance, marketing, organizational development and animal management.
The Indian team expanded from 6 to a staff of 9 people. In The Netherlands we celebrated our 7th anniversary; the Indian team celebrated the anniversary for the first time in India at a special location, the Residence of the Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in New Delhi.

New funding partners
In the revenue model of Women on Wings, funding partners are key. In 2014 we were very happy to add Tata Trusts as our first Indian funding partner. For the coming years we collaborate in replicable job creating business models in textile, in agro and in food. In Europe we started a partnership with C&A Foundation. The employee engagement program connects experienced managers from C&A Europe with our business partner base in India.