Women on Wings workshops inspire 100 female entrepreneurs

One hundred female entrepreneurs gave their best in two workshops on Visual Merchandising and Sales Attitude, facilitated by Women on Wings on 6 November in Baramati. The women work in Self Help Groups (SHG’s) connected to the Agricultural Development Trust in Baramati, near Pune.

Market event with huge sales potential
The purpose of the workshop was to improve the sales skills of the women who will be participating in the annual market event of Self Help Groups ‘Bhimthadi Jatra’ which will take place from 10 till 15 December in Pune. Over 100,000 people are expected to visit the 5 day event which includes 300 stalls with e.g. handicrafts, clothes and (organic) food and drinks. Ineke Bezembinder of Women on Wings: “With so many potential customers at the event, it is important for these ladies to stand out of the crowd, so we requested them to identify the unique selling point of their products: why should people want to buy their product and not their neighbors’. Some ladies were really speaking from the heart about their products. That’s the best start for being the best sales person.”

Learning and having fun at the same time
The workshops, facilitated by Ronald van het Hof and Ineke Bezembinder, touched on several aspects of creating an attractive presentation for products and provided guidelines and tips for support in becoming better sales persons. In addition to a theoretical part, participants were able to hone their skills in the exercise sessions. Full of enthusiasm, they took part in a sales role-play scenario and in creating a colorful stall, using the products some of the women had brought to the workshops. Devi, one of the participants: “This was so new to us. I came to the workshop to learn. But we got a lot to do ourselves and that was so much learning fun! We will make much better sales in next Jatra.” Devi was speaking on behalf of all participants.
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