Wingreens Farms benefits from e-commerce hype

This Diwali, online sales have been very successful for Wingreens Farms. An unexpectedly large number of customers found their way to the organic products, like dips and tea, which are being processed by women in the processing unit at Gurgaon. Their interesting Diwali hampers have found a large number of takers, both online and offline.
Only last month a Women on Wings team worked for a week with the Wingreens Farms team on financial data management and sales channel strategy. As it was the first working visit of the experts, the first day of the workshop was devoted to understanding the company, its products, its model, the market and the people that make Wingreens. The result of this `as-is understanding’ was a clear SWOT analysis.

Hands on approach creates an impact
Supriya Kapoor, Senior Business Consultant at Women on Wings: “For instance, the financial data management required some extra attention. On day 2, we discussed and explained the importance of forecasting sales and liquidity. The next day, the management showed us a sales forecast for the next year, completely substantiated. They had worked on it the entire evening. Really impressive.”
Anju Srivastava, founder and CEO of Wingreens Farms: “I was really happy with the Women on Wings team. Our team had been waiting eagerly for them to come and work with us. We enjoyed every bit of the workshops. Even the financial part, which is not my favorite. But the experts took all the time to explain why having the right figures were so important. Ultimately it helps managing our business better, making it bigger, and creating more jobs for female farmers and in processing our products.
Expert Leonie de Boer: “I was impressed by the creativity and energy of Anju, and her easy way of communicating with everyone. She has a background in advertising and marketing and I really enjoyed working with her on issues like how to manage e-commerce and how to even manage the customer journey in your online store. E-commerce is a fast growing business in India. But it also requires a thorough business approach.”

Entering a new area
Wingreens Farms’ vision is to become the perfect model organization that proves that, while resolving some of the biggest deadlocks that have paralyzed Indian society & industry for centuries, and by enriching people and the land around us, an organization can grow profitable and successful in a short amount of time. And that’s exactly what they are doing right now. Not only have the Diwali sales been excellent, Wingreens has started collaborating with Snapdeal, one of India’s largest e-commerce platforms and is also looking to exponentially expand its product reach by retailing at Fabindia, one of India’s leading producer and retailer of handcrafted goods made the traditional way. This will certainly result in more jobs for women in rural India.